Saturday, November 10, 2018

10 Effective Ways to Generate Greater ROI With Your Email Database

An email list is basically known as a list of contacts which helps in driving a well focused email campaign. In this digitized world, just buying an email list and setting a campaign won't satisfy all your needs. First you need to figure out all the contributing factors before setting an email campaign. Here are 15 powerful tips which helps you in generating a greater ROI and unleashes predominant results with your current email list:

Email campaigns

There is nothing new about email campaigns. Before running an email campaign with the "Physician doctor email list" which you bought, Analyze the results of your previous campaign results. This helps you in figuring out the core audience who truly looking for your service. Tweeking your message and offering the basic need will drive greater results for you. A unique campaign alone can't fetch  you results, unless it is channelized to the right audience.

List segmentation

Split your email list into smaller groups based on the audience characteristics like keywords, interests, geography, job title, firmographics and demographics with the help of marketing automation tool. By segmenting your email list, you can convey your message directly to your customers in a gentle way. In this way you can serve your customers in a better way.

Customer Profiling 

Customer profiling is a good way to create a image of your customers that will help you in making decisions about your service. Divide your customers into smaller segments based on common attributes, characteristics and behaviors. By grouping customers into small segments you can focus more on tailored marketing communications to specific types of customers all around the channels.  


Data decay is a continuous and unavoidable process. This is the only way to ensure accuracy, active and updated. Customer appending services will help you in gaining a deeper understanding about your target audience. Appending is the most crucial factor which boosts ROI.

IT Budget append 

Buy an "Medicine and healthcare list" appended with IT budget information. It is one of the most seeking information in today's tech market. This gives you a lot of grasp on your offerings for greater returns.

SMS Campaign 

A good SMS marketing service will make your customize text message campaigns easy to reach for your SMS subscribers. You can share a handful of messages to a targeted group by bulk SMS services. Also, SMS services can be easily integrated with other online marketing strategies.

Multi-channel campaigns 

Multi-channel marketing has a wide range of benefits, just not in terms of sales growth but also business growth. By using wide range of different channels you can reach wider. Also, Analytics enables you to understand and measure the impact of each channel.

Social Targeting 

Social media is been rapidly evolved and attracts the millions of users around the globe. Do some research and discover the suitable social platform fit your brand and company goals.

Re targeting ads 

Re targeting is one of the best strategy of targeting the audience who showed interest in your products or services by visiting your website. Instead of trying to attract new visitors, re targeting reserves to get repeat visitors who are more potential.

Video Content 

Video content is one of the most powerful platform to share your message across all platforms. Spreading your videos through social media, posting them on blogs and uploading them on your website increases the power of marketing which results in increasing the ROI.